Why Is Yahoo Mail Not Working

I am having an issue with Yahoo showing my e-mails from yesterday and previous days, and it gained’t let me “check” a box to delete an e-mail. If I click on to check the field, it opens the e-mail, after which it still gained’t delete it. I’ve decided to just use my provider’s e-mail but I can’t get into my settings to forward my e-mails. I’m on Chrome if that makes a difference.

Just hit that icon and set your password to allow this safety layer to your Yahoo account. You also can try to repair this issue by rebooting your iPhone. Just reboot your iPhone to ascertain if this concern has been resolved or not.

Yahoo Website Isnt Working:

tried all the standard work arounds but nothing up to now. Same downside as reported below. It retains saying my password is wrong when it isn’t. About two minutes ago, I signed into my account, then went into “Answers” to publish a query. Still occurring, now sixteen days of closing on its own. I started receiving a number of sendings in eMail chains, yesterday, too.

That one has Outlook 2013 on it. Well I’m glad it isn’t simply me! Let’s hope they get it squared away quickly. Once once more I am finding that my Microsoft Outlook won’t download my Yahoo email.

Yahoo Feedback

@ProfLisaDowning @yahoomail Is your POP server down? I can access yahoo mail on the website however for just over forty eight hours now, the server has been “temporarily unavailable” on POP delivered to Mail for Mac. I rely on managing all my emails from numerous accounts in this client.

why is yahoo not working