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Two months later, it was introduced that Ruby would be raped as a part of a sexual consent storyline. The plot begins when Ruby and Stacey attend a party collectively following her return. The following day, Ruby confides in Stacey that she has been raped, though the perpetrator has another view of the night time. Duncan Lindsay of the Metro confirmed that the perpetrator wouldn’t be a regular character. It was reported that the assault wouldn’t be shown, but the present’s analysis group labored with charity Rape Crisis England and Wales to precisely portray the storyline.

He leaves however she follows him and asks if somebody put him up to the accusation, as her rapists are due in courtroom quickly. He says his girlfriend did, as she helped him see what occurred for what it really was. He says she has to realise that she cannot get away with what she said, so she apologises and says she didn’t know that he didn’t wish to have sex with her. Ruby attends the college reunion of Stacey’s husband, Martin Fowler , where Ruby flirts with Martin’s good friend Ross Swinden .

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Martin and Stacey cease her, and they depart a drugged Ross on a bench outside. By the time her eighteenth birthday had emerged, Ruby was in a relationship Stacey’s brother Sean – as much as the point where he and Jake turn into enterprise partners and sworn enemies. As Ruby ends up defending Sean in opposition to Jake on numerous occasions, the latter alerts Johnny of the state of affairs and he requests Ruby to visit him. When Ruby does go to her father in prison, he questions her about Sean and agrees to fulfill him in person. However, Sean’s visit to Johnny in jail resulted in tragedy for Ruby; her father – after being taunted by Sean over his plan to exploit Ruby for his or her monetary belongings – died of a coronary heart attack amid trying to have Sean killed. Not lengthy after discovering this, Jake leaves the sq. and Sean feigns comfort towards Ruby over her father’s sudden death.

Ruby then begins a relationship with Sean Slater , Stacey’s brother, unaware that he’s a womaniser who is simply courting her for her money. Jake is livid when he discovers Sean’s plans, and he does all he can to steer Ruby to go away him. Jake lets Johnny find out about Ruby’s relationship with Sean, and informs him about Sean’s plans, so Johnny calls for Sean to go to him in jail. On Ruby’s 18th birthday in October 2006, Sean meets Johnny in the jail visiting room, and he aggravates Johnny with plans on what he was going to do to Ruby. That evening, Ruby is vexed by Jake’s interference which results in an argument, calling him a “murderer” and a “psychopath”, which resulted in Jake departing Walford to start out anew in another country – thereby leaving Ruby to fend for herself.

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On the day of Johnny’s funeral, Ruby goes lacking and Sean finds her – with Ruby having slumped behind the desk in the Scarlet office, with a bottle of vodka. Later, she speaks to Pat and listens to her viewpoint that her father was usually right about individuals – including Jake and Sean. Ruby later left Walford at the back of a cab, having fallen out with Stacey as soon as again. Sometime later, Ruby catches Johnny having an affair with Amy while he is engaged to Tina. She tells Tina about what she found out and Tina confronts Johnny, before later departing the sq. in disgust – which subsequently results in Ruby disowning her father.

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Lytton expressed her excitement to reprise the position and explore the character. Ruby’s trial is arising, and he or she begins to concern that it will not ship justice. So thinks about how her father may deal with the scenario, and decides to try for revenge. She lures Matt and Ross back to the Square by pretending to be another lady. Ross comes to her condo, and while confronting him, she manages to drug him. Meanwhile, Ross has despatched Matt a picture of Ruby along with the message “Round Two?” The message is seen by Martin, who’s catching up with Matt on the time, and finally realises that what Ruby stated is true.

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There is a big chase, which ends up in Johnny’s henchman Danny Moon handcuffing the brothers and marching them into the forest. He is about to kill Grant when Danny’s brother Jake intervened and shot Danny as an alternative – by chance killing his brother consequently, which allowed Phil and Grant to go and confront Johnny once more. But just earlier than they might do that, Ruby discovers her father’s position in Dennis’ murder and confronts Johnny with an ultimatum; either he turns himself into the police or she will change her name to make sure that her father is out of her life for good. Choosing with the previous, Johnny is arrested for his gangland actions – together with the murders of both Dennis and his finest-good friend Andy Hunter – and sentenced to life imprisonment. She later finds out about Jake killing Danny and confronts him about it, which threatens their unlikely bond at first.